Step right up, folks! Get your tickets today to the one, the only MidCamp! Registration is now open!  It’s the hottest Drupal ticket this side of the Mississippi!

This is the newest regional level Drupal event. Come to beautiful Chicago March 28th-30th for training*, sessions, and sprints galore! Rub elbows with international Drupalers of fame and mystery! Network with rising stars! Sprint, train and dream with your partners in Drupal crime!

All of this comes with food, drink for a mere $28.71.  Tickets at the door are $40.

Don’t forget to plan some time for tomfoolery and merry-making during your stay!  MidCamp is conveniently located in downtown Chicago which guarantees an adventure for all!

Space is limited, reserve your spot to MidCamp now!  

*Friday training programs will be offered at an additional cost.