• Midcamp 2014 Keynote Session


    Drupal 8 will be all about the new: A solid new feature set; a new underlying architecture; a new collaboration with the rest of the PHP world; a new release cycle; an emphasis on new web technologies; and above all ...

    Larry Garfield

    Jeff Eaton


  • Drupal8 Theming: Twig


    The Themers of Drupal have for years been whining & moaning over the bad markup, confusing theme functionality, Drupals lack of separation from the frontend to the backend and generally WTF when you work in ...

    morten dk

  • CXual Healing: Content Creators are people, too!


    It is an unfortunate reality that Content Creators are often the last group considered when setting priorities for a site build. There are a number of reasons for this, such as politically-weighted stakeholder ...

    Adrian Rollett

  • High Performance Drupal


    Jeff Sheltren, Narayan Newton, and Nathaniel Catchpole literally "wrote the book" on High Performance Drupal (in fact, that's what it's called). Using the book as a guide, I will sherpa you through all the ...

    Christopher J Wells


  • Lunch

    Join us in the cafeteria for a delicious and nutritious lunch prepared by Chef Kimberly from University Center.


  • How to RTFM as M->The Entire Internet


    Most of the questions people ask me are something like "how do I get started with Drupal?" There are plenty of resources out there, but at this point that seems to be the problem. The number of resources is ...

    Avi Schwab

  • Small > Big (and other stories)


    As software engineers, it's easy to put on blinders and think about code as just...well, code. Some unique, special snowflake with its own rules, with little to be learned from other systems.

    Balderdash. There ...

    Sam Boyer

  • Gettin' Twiggy with Drupal


    Deep Dive into the Twig layer in Drupal 8. 

    Twig is a new PHP-based, compiled, templating framework that provides the the default theming engine in Drupal 8. It brings about significant ...

    Forest Mars

  • Drupal: Framework or App? Yes!


    Or no. Or maybe--I guess it depends. Although Drupal is typically considered a CMS, it provides a great deal of functionality that is useful beyond just working with nodes. At it’s core Drupal provides a powerful yet ...

    Will Long

    Eric Kirsner


  • Web Project Success: Lessons from History


    Philosopher George Santayana once famously said that those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. From the Trojan War to U.S. foreign policy in the 20th century, history is littered with stories of ...

    George DeMet

  • Building Modules for Drupal 8


    Are you familiar with PHP and looking to start using the newest version of Drupal? Have you built modules for earlier versions of Drupal and would like to know how to update them? If you answered "yes" to either of ...

    Brant Wynn

  • Fish Sticks: A Designer’s Adventure with Twig and Sculpin


    Designers aren’t often known for their development skills. But for a recent client, I "developed" a site using Sculpin, a static site generator that uses Twig templates, PHP, Markdown files, and from my perspective, ...

    Ashley Cyborski

  • DIY Continuous Integration: Know It. Do It. Now.


    Continuous Integration (CI) is the practice of successfully smashing bits of code together to make a finished product.

    That's it.

    This means using version control to manage your bits.  ...

    Michelle Krejci

    Allan Chappell


  • The "Page" in Drupal 8


    One of the highly targeted areas in Drupal 8 has been the page model. That is, how does Drupal decide what to render for any given (HTML) request? How does it represent that information? How does it let different ...

    Sam Boyer

  • Discovering Foundation with Sass for Drupal


    With a responsive design workflow for creating Drupal sites, there's a real need out there for getting a project off the ground with a well-thought out design system. Using a front-end framework allows you to ...

    Brian Krall

  • A Perfect Launch, Every Time


    Launches are tough on a new developer. Everyone remembers the lump in their throats around launch time; the rush to finish content, make final theme tweaks, adjust for sudden browser weirdness. As momentum ...

    Suzanne Aldrich

  • Automated testing for migrations


    Migration code written over the life of a project often grows beyond its originally expected size and complexity. This dynamic makes regression testing a useful addition to custom code extending  ...

    Steve Persch



  • Becoming A Technical Project Manager


    What kind of PM do you want to be, and how do you get there?

    Becoming a Technical Project Manager

    With everything going on in life: kids, doctor appointments, car repairs, reality show auditions, aren ...

    Scott L Massey

    Johnnie Fox

  • Future-proof your Drupal 7 site


    Drupal 8 is coming! But what decisions can you make now on your current or new Drupal 7 sites to make transitioning to Drupal 8 easier? Dave will cover new features available in Drupal 8, and how you can use those ...

    Dave Reid

  • Social in your site, the Drupal way


    Most websites today require social integration. This usually takes at least two forms:

    1. Allow users to share the site's content on a variety of social media platforms.
    2. Display social media content
    3. ...