We all know that Varnish is the default answer for performance, but what happens when you have to flush cache? LoadStorm provides a quick and easy way to slam your Drupal site with thousands of instances of cloud generated traffic. We'll take a look at the results and how to analyze the numbers. We'll also review other tools and high level principles for improving performance on your site.

We will also look at past load tests done on several different hosting platforms and compare results.

Finally, we'll look at results of implementing commonly used performance improvements such as varnish, memcache, APC, and others. We will also examine some common contributed modules and their impact on performance.

This session will answer questions such as:

  • What are some of the available tools to quickly stress test your site?
  • How does LoadStorm work and when to use it?
  • What are key statistics and how to interpret them during stress testing?
  • What can generally be done to improve Drupal site performance?
    • Front-end performance
    • Server performance

**This session is intended for project managers, lead developers, QA, sysadmin, DevOps, support and anyone else who wants to learn about Drupal site stress testing and performance.**