It is an unfortunate reality that Content Creators are often the last group considered when setting priorities for a site build. There are a number of reasons for this, such as politically-weighted stakeholder selection or fixed project budgets. Although Content Creators may not be the "target" user of a site, the reality is that they are the heaviest users of many sites, interacting with the software we build day in and day out. In this presentation, I will be sharing some of the approaches Bluespark uses to improve the lives of content creators and streamline workflows.

This session is largely focused towards site builders and developers, but should be of interest to anyone involved in the decision-making process when creating sites. We'll begin with a survey of useful modules and site-building practices. We'll then move on to "quick-win" custom code snippets and techniques we've used to improve our products. Finally, we'll show highly custom content administration solutions we've developed and discuss implementation challenges and solutions. You will leave this session with several new techniques to add to your arsenal and a renewed focus on serving the needs of your site's heaviest users.