Today lots of different companies and organizations are trying to be Agile in their web development practices and projects... and many of these are using Drupal either to build solutions for themselves or for others.

In this session, we’ll cover agile approaches and strategies to help you run projects efficiently, be happier, and get stuff done. We’ll talk about the concepts of agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban and take you through some our of lessons learned from using agile to run distributed teams that do Drupal every day working with a wide range of organizations. We’ll explore the roles and parts played by Stakeholders, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Developers, and other team members when taking a Drupal project down the agile road. We'll provide advice and tips for how to be "good Product Owner" as an organization and for how to "co-pilot with your Product Owner" as a development team.

This session is for business and organizational managers, anyone filling the Product Owner role for a site, project managers, and all team members that want to learn more about agile strategies, how to apply them to Drupal, and why they are important for being able to "ship a site" on time and within budget.

This session is the latest new and improved incarnation from several of our "Being Agile" sessions presented at multiple camps.