drupalladder.org contains (or links to) lessons and materials to help people learn about and contribute to Drupal.

Use drupalladder.org to:

  • Find lessons about contributing to Drupal
  • Work your way up the Drupal Ladder or other "learning ladders" and keep track of which lessons you have completed
  • Contribute lessons about contributing to Drupal
  • Get resources about organizing "learn sprints" and "issue sprints" for Drupal User Groups and Camps

Sauce Project is a repository for Drupal plugins(Views, Rules, Widgets, Modules, Themes….), helping site builders to add features to their site.

I will be showing a demo of these two projects and talking about

  • Why we should contribute
  • How it benefits personally in addition to the community
  • What to contribute and
  • How you can contribute from Day1 of Learning Drupal