Beginners and small Drupal web shops are always faced with budget constraints, this leads to the lack of resources to acquire a decent web design for their projects. When you search around there is the option of getting Drupal Themes from sites like themeforest for $45 Dollars, while this is a good option to obtain fast, affordable and good looking web design new comers will be faced with the problems as was clearly stated by Brent Bice in his post

This session looks forward to give another option to this, by acquiring a cheap $10-$15 dollar site template using the frameworks mentioned and make the conversion to Drupal using the proper tools and modules provided by Drupal In this talk we are going to show how you can use both Themes, Drupal Zurb Foundation and Drupal Bootstrap to adapt a site template, Then we will proceed to discuss and show the different tools that will help and allow a beginner to intermediate user to recreate the template as a Drupal Sub-theme.

The talk will address the use of views, responsive grid, block class and other modules to accomplish this transformation in the easiest way possible and with minimum changes to template files.