Kerasai / Developer and Consultant
Launch It / CTO
Bluespark / Technical Director
College IT, University of Chicago / Web Project Manager

I Drupal for the University of Chicago. I specialize in doing all of the things.

Redfin Solutions, LLC / Owner / Developer
Acquia, Inc. / Solutions Architect
Palantir / Web Designer

I'm a designer at Palantir, where I help design and build responsive, in browser prototypes and style guides. Lately, I've been trying out some interesting new techniques and tools, and I'm excited to keep learning more.

Pantheon Systems / Director, Customer Success

Scott Massey's path down the road of Customer Success started as a sales manager, where he created training programs and clinics for music sequencing, digital audio, and hard disk recording.

Lullabot / Senior Developer
Bluespark / Project and Transition Manager

I began working with Drupal four years ago and moved to Chicago from Paris last January.